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How to Bet on Cycling: Tips and Strategies

Cycling is not often on the list of the top sports in the world when it comes to popularity. It is often dominated by the likes of football and motorsports like Formula One. However, it has its own section of fanatical supporters and this is a major reason behind the popularity of a large number of cycling bets available online. It takes no great effort to enter into cycling betting through various online options, but one has to be extremely careful before placing the bets. This presents the need for various cycling betting tips.

Cycling Betting Basics

Proper research has to be done about a particular event before going on to placing a bet. This immensely improves the possibility of making money even through betting. Newcomers can rely on the vast amount of professional betting tips available online in order to get the best possible information. Unlike traditional forms of betting, the availability of such tips on the Internet has increased the winning percentage immensely. Apart from providing tips, the Internet is also the best possible way to research statistics and other information necessary for punters before they bet on cycling.

Cycling tips and strategies

Cycling Odds and Betting Types

Cycling is very similar to other sports, boasting a number of betting opportunities. Cycling bets for new people hanging to win their first money and casual fans are more recommended when they are simpler. For instance, betting on the outright winners of a certain tournament or race. Such bets are listed in many formats and a few cycling betting tips are also available if you use our website. Expert betting tips are available here for those with much knowledge of cycling and want to risk larger sums on things like predicting the winner of a particular stage of a tournament (for instance in the Tour of Britain or Vuelta), or predicting the nationality of the outright winner.

Famous Cycling Tournaments

Cycling is an extremely old sport and this is demonstrated by the popularity surrounding Tour de France – one of the most popular cycling events in the world. Aside from the Tour de France, almost every country has its own pinnacle cycling event. This is especially true of the United Kingdom, which may have come late to the party but it has the Tour of Britain – one of the celebrated cycling races in Europe.

The growing popularity of Tour of Britain is quite evident as demonstrated by the Tour of Britain betting scene, which has various options available for welcoming punters. After a brief absence towards the start of the millennium, Tour of Britain is once again in the favour amongst punters and riders. Organisers of this event seem to be intent on making the Tour of Britain as one of the Grand Tours. Their intentions are quite clear from the fact that the event has become much more competitive in recent years and covers almost 1500 kilometres over the course of eight days.

Other iconic races in Europe include the likes of Vuelta a Espana and Giro d’Italia.

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Cycling Betting Tips and Strategies

Just as with any other sport betting, punters must search for the best available cycling odds. There are various resources online that help compare the odds from different bookmakers. After having researched about the odds that are available for a particular tournament like, in this case, the Tour of Britain odds, it is important to search for statistics about the tournament itself. History often teaches a lesson and this is especially true in the case of betting.

The rule does not apply only to professional punters; casual gamblers should also heed to the signs shown by statistics. Merely looking at aspects like past winners of the tournament and their recent form gives a good idea about their chances of success.